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During winter, the city dresses in white and outdoor activities are the most recommended.

Cerro Castor

Located at 26 Km from Ushuaia city center awaits the best winter center and its great snow to offer the longest winter season in the country. This is an alpine ski winter center of great significance in the province and it counts with 24 ski tracks for all levels with modern ski lifts.

Beside winter sports, you can practice trekking with snowshoes, ride motorbikes through white trails or dog sledding with Siberian Huskies.


This is skiers dream: a flight on helicopter that takes you to different points on the mountains so you descend skiing.

Other activities: Snow Polo, ice skating, rappel and mountaineering, 4x4 rides on lakes and trails.

Glaciar Martial School of Ski

The School of Ski is the perfect choice for people willing to enjoy alpine ski or snowboard for the first time. There are ski rentals, one-to-one or group lessons for every age.

Valleys and Winter Centers

These are located on Route n° 3, 20 Km from the city. A few of the activities that can be done are: snow shoeing, trekking, Nordic skiing, snow motorbikes and Siberian husky dog sledding. It is also possible to make a few tours in the woods with bonfires and folk music.