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We are aware that every human act has an effect on the environment. This is why, in Cap Polonio Hotel we are committed to take care of the environment and respect biodiversity. Our work principle is to maintain a conscious and solid work to minimize and prevent the negative impacts by maximizing the positive ones. We improve our daily practices by positioning quality assistance and satisfaction first and spreading the cultural and social patrimony of Ushuaia.
Our Sustainable Management policy has the aim to:
  • Fulfill the principles of sustainable tourism and abide by the legal requirements for a sustainable management.
  • Promote good practices to save and optimize water and energy as well as boosting recycling awareness by incorporating ecologic habits.
  • Raise awareness in our work team, guests, providers and citizens on good habits to care the environment.
  • Improve the management of liquid and solid waste.
  • Commit to a daily improvement of sustainable management in three dimensions: social, economic and environment.

“Raise awareness” is our work philosophy to keep motivation and commitment up and in accordance with our sustainable practices; improving our quality standards in every aspect of work and sustainability process in each area of the hotel.